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Enrolment Procedures


Arrangements for parents offered or seeking a place for their child in the school/nursery/ISU are made in cooperation with Psychological Services.  An opportunity to visit the school is available to all parents prior to any decisions being made about their child’s education.

Admission Criteria: - Children are admitted under the same criteria for admission to any of the Glasgow schools whose designation is that for children with Additional Support Needs.

The criteria for entrance are:-

§         The child has an Additional Support Need.

§         The child lives within the South East Catchment Area

§         The parents and Psychologists agree on the suitability of the placement.

Entry to school is through a recommendation by the child’s referring Psychologist.  A visit is arranged for the parents and a review date is set to discuss the suitability of placement.

The review panel may have in attendance, the Headteacher, the Nursery Teacher/Class teacher, the referring Psychologist and the parents.  On occasion other specialists or agencies involved with the child may be invited.  If everyone is in agreement with the placement then the child is given a starting date.

Out of Authority Placement:

All out of authority placements are made at the discretion of the Head of Service.

Over subscription of Places:

Priority for placement is given to children who reside in the catchment area – S.E Glasgow.  If the numbers or capacity is at maximum, then the child may be offered an alternative place in another Glasgow school for children with Additional Support Needs.

Placing requests for Hampden, from within the authority are at the discretion of the Head of Service.   For further reference see SOEID – Children and Young Persons with Special Educational Needs, Assessment and Recording.