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Welcome to our school


Hampden School is a non-denominational, multicultural school which caters for children who have Additional Support Needs.  Children may have a diagnosis of a physical impairment, specific medical condition, Autism Spectrum Disorder or other Complex Learning Difficulty.                                                                                

The aim of the school is to allow each child to realise their maximum potential allowing for the particular learning needs of each individual child.  In pursuit of this aim the curriculum is planned to reflect all that is best in Special Education.

 The curriculum is managed through a multi-disciplinary approach to Teaching and Learning.  The school recognises that communication is central to all learning.  The curriculum is approached through careful planning and assessment of individual needs, taking into account not only A Curriculum for Excellence but also the 3-5 Curriculum and Sensory Curriculum models.

The main curricular areas are developed through a whole school thematic approach which considers all elements of A Curriculum for Excellence and focuses on the eight curricular areas of:

Health and Wellbeing

Literacy and English

Numeracy and Mathematics


Social Studies

Expressive Arts




The school encourages an ethos of promoting positive behaviour at all times.

Careful consideration is given to identifying a child’s needs and forms of communication as this is seen as central to continuous and sustained improvement.

 We actively liaise with the Educational Psychologists and Speech and Language Therapists in devising strategies to manage pupil behaviour.

 Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress through home/school diaries, through active participation in school activities, parents’ support group, parent/staff association, parent’s evenings and in direct consultation with the Head Teacher.

Parents are encouraged at all times to visit and to discuss any aspects of their child’s placement with staff and management.