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Our Eco Pledge


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Pupils from Hampden School helped to launch the Give A Day Back Campaign. As part of this campaign all classes pledged to do something to help raise awareness of ways to be more eco friendly. We also asked parents, carers and families to make their own pledges. Here are some of the ideas we sent home.
We want to ‘Give A Day Back’ to help individuals and organisations in need of support.  
As part of our St Andrew’s Day Celebrations, and our continuing work on being an Eco-School, all classes are making a pledge to change or improve something they do, which will benefit our environment.
We would like all the children to do the same at home with their families. We have a few suggestions of things you could do, but you might have some better ones of your own! Please tell us what your family pledge to do by completing this form and sending it back to school. It would also be great if you could email us some photos of you and your child fulfilling your pledge so that we can display these on our school website, newsletter and our Eco School notice board. Please send them to
Thank you,
Hampden School Eco Committee
We pledge to:


Recycle waste properly
Reduce food waste
Use public transport or walk, instead of using a car
Save water e.g. turning off the tap when brushing our teeth
Save energy e.g. turning off lights and electrical equipment after use
Recycle old clothes – give to or buy from charity shops
Use local shops and buy locally produced food
Grow our own fruit and vegetables
Put our litter in the bin
Your own ideas: